Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For those who know that something is askew, and even for those who do not, this movie is a must see!  Fortunately, it is available in its entirety for free download here!


Monday, April 28, 2008

The Pyramid of Manipulation

Author and researcher David Icke has been exposing the global conspiracy for nearly two decades. His research corroborates the work of other prominent scholars, including Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion. Icke maintains that a network of interbreeding families control the reigns of power on this planet today. These families are of aristocratic bloodline, and the interbreeding is essential to their Agenda or “Great Work”, also referred to as the New World Order.

In the past, these families have exerted their control openly as the ruling monarchs of the day. Today, these families exert their influence by controlling, from the highest levels, the mainstream institutions of politics, business, banking, media, education, science, technology, organised crime, mainstream religions, etc. Collectively, these families call themselves the Illuminati - Those ‘illuminated’ with the knowledge that the rest of us don’t have.

Icke contends that while it is impossible to control the human population, en masse, by physical means it can be and has been done via compartmentalised pyramids. All organisations in the world today function as compartmentalised pyramids. Individuals at the lowest levels live in ignorance of what is going on at the top. As you go higher up the pyramid, there are fewer and fewer people exerting more and more control. At present, all of the mainstream institutions are interconnected at the highest level.

Click here to see David Icke explain the compartmentalised pyramid system in this presentation.


Sunday, April 27, 2008


This documentary received awards at both the Los Angeles Independant Film Festival and the New York International Film Festival. Kevin Annett, former minister of a Presbyterian church in Port Alberni, British Columbia exposes the genocide inflicted by the mission schools on the First Nations peoples of the West Coast of Canada. Click here to view the full documentary.

Annett's revelations should come as no surprise to researchers of the global conspiracy . The church has been used, and continues to be used, as a vehicle to destroy the ancient knowledge and the people who possess it. In fact, virtually all mainstream religions have been hijacked and have been used, quite effectively, to advance the Illuminati Agenda. At the top levels of these church organisations are the interbreeding bloodlines of the Illuminati, who control and manipulate the world via 'divide-and-rule". For further Information on the Illuminati Agenda and the background to all religions, please refer to The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix by David Icke.


The Future of Mankind

Michael Tsarion is a brilliant scholar who researches the occult history in relation to the New World Order, and what he defines as the "War on Consciousness". Tsarion is also an accomplished astrologer. He contends that natural cycles of conciousness are facilitating humanity's movement toward higher levels of psychic awareness in the coming years, where we may shed many aspects of our ego and materialistic existence. This evolution, however, is being suppressed by those who desire our continued subservience.

Click here to see Michael Tsarion's intriguing presentation on the Future of Mankind. This video has been viewed on google video in excess of 500,000 times.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Age of Revealing

As we approach galactic alignment in the year 2012, the natural cycles of what we call time are casting a bright light on the dark forces which have manipulated humankind for millennia. Through their insidious efforts, these forces have obliterated our spirituality, and whipped us into a collective psychosis. Consequentially, we have abdicated our selfhood, and our connectedness to nature, each other, and the one source which permeates all life.

The decisions we make in this very moment have the potential to influence life on this planet for generations to come. We can either charge forward, with the natural cycles of time on our side, to expose and overcome the forces which have so effectively deceived, suppressed and deluded us, or we can allow these forces to complete their agenda for a global fascist state and a microchipped population. Unfortunately, the majority remain heading for the latter.

True knowledge equals true power. The purpose of http://www.quantumspectrum.blogspot.com/ to present the visitor with information that we consider important for our growth and our very survival as a species. The information presented on this site will almost always stand in stark contrast to the barrage of propaganda effused by the mainstream television and print media. While we certainly cannot verify the factuality of all of the information posted on this site, we do ask that you, the visitor, look at the information with an open mind and an open heart and leave discernment to your own intuition. We believe that reconnecting to this inner aspect of ourselves is the requirement in the search for truth.