Friday, August 29, 2008

Shiva, the Holy Spirit and the Age of Aquarius

Michael Tsarion reveals more about the occult history and the future of mankind in his excellent online article Shiva, the Holy Spirit and the Age of Aquarius.  One thing for certain: we are indeed living in interesting times...


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Irish Origins of Civilization

Only a few independent scholars have systematically traced the bloodlines of the Illuminati back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, and Babylon. Michael Tsarion takes it much further.  Following on from Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, Tsarion weaves together the threads of our forgotten and suppressed, post-diluvian history in The Irish Origins of Civilization.  This two-volume magnum opus draws on the insights of maverick intellectuals such as Conor MacDari, Sigmund Freud, Immanuel Velikovsky, and Comyns Beaumont to name a few.  

Tsarion identifies the ancient Druids of Ireland as the preservers of the sacred knowledge of Atlantis.  Following the Great Deluge, it was the Druids who went on to influence the civilizations of the East as far away as Egypt and the Indus Valley.  Indeed, even conservative historians acknowledge that the ancient practice of yoga, for example, was brought to the Indus Valley by the "Aryans" who arrived from the West. Tsarion argues that these "Aryans" were actually the ancient Druids of Ireland, and that the term "Aryan" simply describes those of a higher spiritual caste. The word itself has nothing whatsoever to do with race, which is a modern-day corruption of the term to conceal the truth.  

The positive spiritual work of the Druids would not evade adversity.  Tsarion goes on to link the rise of Atonism during the 18th dynasty in Egypt to Judeo-Christianity and the systematic annihilation of the Druids.  Atonism itself, suggests Tsarion, is the origin of the New World Order.  Over 1000 pages of evidence are presented in the Irish Origins of Civilization.  Without question, this book is a must read for any servant of truth.