Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Big Brother" and the Big Picture

For over two decades, author and researcher David Icke has been exposing the elite bloodline families who control the reigns of power and seek to bring about a global fascist dictatorship underpinned by a total surveillance society and a microchipped population (i.e. New World Order).  Icke's research to date has culminated in the publication of over 15 books on this topic.   

The recent resignation of British Conservative MP, David Davis, who relinquished his seat in parliament in disgust over new anti-terrorism laws, laws which are fundamental aspects of the New World Order, has forced an upcoming by-election in Davis' constituency of Haltemprice and Howden, England. Applauding Davis' decision to resign his Conservative seat, David Icke has also decided to stand as a candidate in this by-election.  Icke maintains that his intention is not to win this election, but to raise greater awareness of the Illuminati Agenda.  Click here for David Icke's recent press conference on his decision to run in this by-election. 

Icke's decision to run in this election is once again, proof positive, that we are indeed living in the Age of Revealing.



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