Sunday, May 4, 2008

The AIDS Conspiracy

The leading researcher on this topic is medical doctor and AIDS and cancer researcher, Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD.  Read about Dr. Catwell's revelations here.  The first documented cases of AIDS were observed in homosexual men in Manhattan in 1979.  Cantwell claims that the HIV retrovirus was deliberately injected into gay men participating in a hepatitis B vaccination program at the New York Blood Center.  Importantly, the vaccinations were developed in chimpanzees, the primate thought to contain the ancestor virus of HIV called SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus).  Cantwell believes AIDS was subsequently introduced into the African population via wide scale small pox vaccination programs.  

Many African Americans believe that AIDS is a bioengineered disease developed by the government to wipe out the black population (1,2,3,4).  Catwell does not disagree with this hypothesis.  For certain, when one investigates the background of the key elite families involved at the top of the global pyramid, there can be little doubt that the eugenics movement is alive and well and has not abated since Hitler, nor the coming of the New World Order (global colonization).  The vatican, the primary vector of evil on this planet, is a key conspirator in the eugenics movement.  Former member of the Hitler Youth, Pope Benedict, has rejected the idea that condoms can help prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa.  No major surprise when you understand he's an Illuminati puppet.


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