Sunday, May 18, 2008

Money Raised For Africa Goes to Fund Civil Wars

Well meaning individuals who donate their hard-earned money should understand the truth. Virtually all of the money donated to charitable organizations such as Unicef, Oxfam, Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund, and Live Aid/Live 8, never reaches those for whom it is intended. The Illuminati (global elite) are committed to destroying Africa, plain and simple - the people, the knowledge, the wildlife, the spirit, the diversity. This is simply a part of their agenda for global control (i.e. war on consciousness). Many have revealed what is really going on in Africa, from the AIDS genocide to the upsurge of non-communicable diseases.

In her recent book, Rogue Economics, Italian author Loretta Napoleoni reveals how the money raised for such causes as famine relief in Africa largely goes to fund the continuation of civil wars: "Ethiopia, for example, received $1.8 billion in foreign aid between 1982-85, including a large contribution from Live Aid; $1.6 billion of that, she points out, was spent on military equipment" (Source). Dr. Napoleoni implicates "African Corruption", however the problem goes much higher, to the ultimate levels of global control. The Illuminati, in their agenda for centralized control of the planet, continue to destroy Africa. The problem has not abated, and has in fact accelerated, since early colonization.


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