Friday, May 23, 2008

The Metaphysical Human Body

Our bodies are receiver-transmitters of information.  At all times we are connected to our higher self (our spirit), our spirit guides, and the one force which permeates all life.  Unfortunately, it is the conditioning of our minds, through such vectors as religion and mainstream education, which has largely corroded our connection to the infinite.  This is a connection we need to restore as we enter the Age of Revealing

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), as pictured above, is a technology developed by world-reknowned quantum physicist, Professor Konstantin Korotkov.  The technique may provide a foundation for the future diagnostic medicine.  GDV provides concise information of how effectively the body is functioning, receiving and transmitting information, on the quantum level.  GDV has advanced the field of biophotonics significantly. Click here to read more about GDV.



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