Monday, June 2, 2008

Where is the Skull of Geronimo?

In addition to funding Adolph Hitler's rise to power, Prescott Bush's diabolical activities include desecrating the grave and stealing the remains of Apache Chief Geronimo in 1918. This occurred while Prescott was a member of the Skull & Bones society at Yale University.  The skull of Geronimo is currently housed within the windowless "Tomb", where the young elite of the Illuminati are indoctrinated and prepared for their roles in positions of power.  According to Professor James Craven, the theft of Geronimo's remains "is a metaphor for something much bigger and even uglier.  It is the ugly racism and hubris of the in-bred power elites who seek to infiltrate positions of power (source)." 

Skull and Bones membership 1948.  George H.W. Bush (son of Prescott Bush and father of current US president, George W. Bush, standing sixth from left.  All were "Bonesmen").  Where is the skull of Geronimo?


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