Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Rockefeller Medical Conspiracy

The Rockefeller's are a key Illuminati bloodline family committed to the Great Work of the Ages. In addition to monopolizing Standard Oil in the late 1800's, John D. Rockefeller played a major role in monopolizing the entire pharmaceutical and medical industry.  In truth, the medical profession is wholly owned and operated by the pharmaceutical cartels of the Illuminati.  These are the insidious agents responsible for the decline of health status globally,  Is it any wonder why epidemics of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression and infectious diseases such as HIV continue to escalate while we supposedly have the best medical system in human history?  Please.  

The medical system works in tandem with the illness-inducing industries of the Illuminati (e.g. multinational food, tobacco and alcohol corporations like the Altria Group and their subsidiary, Philip Morris) which creates a self-perpetuating system of disease creation and disease 'treatment'.  In the end, it is all about one thing:  controlling the human herd
Abraham Flexner was commissioned by J.D. Rockefeller to help 'standardize' the new system of medicine by surveying the medical schools in America.  To learn more about the repercussions of the Flexner Report, such as the systematic suppression of homeopathic and alternative therapies, click here.



Abby said...

Well said.

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