Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

A network of interbreeding families collectively known as the Illuminati have controlled the reigns of power on this planet going back at least 3,000 years to the tyrannical 18th dynasty pharaoh Akhenaton, also known as the biblical Moses (See: The Irish Origins of Civilization by Michael Tsarion). Descendants of these powerful familes are the ones who manipulate and orchestrate the wars, cause the genocide, control the corporations, run the mainstream media, and rig the elections. 

Selected members of these families are placed into ostensible positions of power, while the true overlords of the Illuminati pull their strings behind the scenes.   During the previous US election, qualified geneologists determined that George W. Bush and John Kerry are cousins (they are also both former initiates of Skull & Bones, a training ground for the young elite of the Illuminati). Further, the Bush family tree has been traced back to Cleopatra and Ramses II.  

Recent news clips have revealed that the 2008 Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney.  This is interesting, but what is more interesting is how quickly the average person dismisses the connection ("yeah, I am probably related to Barack, too"... Ummmm, yeah sure, mate).  Consider this point:  Of 43 US presidents, at least 34 of them have been genetically related to two people, England's King Alfred the Great and Charlemange, the famous monarch of 9th century France.   

Click here to see Barack Obama make a joke out of the connection.  Click here to see Dick Cheney make a joke out of the connection.  These people work for one group and one cause, and their intentions are very clear.... Click here for Michael Tsarion's Future of Mankind to learn more about what is really going on in the world.  Open your eyes, free your mind.  



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